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Pool Heaters: Everything You Need to Know

Fri, Oct 16th, 2020

Pool Heaters: Everything You Need to Know

With an average of 237 days of sunlight per year, Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Although you might think you don't need a pool heater in a place with such a nickname, it would wise to research the benefits of investing in one. You might be thinking, "I would only use the pool heater three months out of the year". Three months is 25% of the year, which is a long period of time not to utilize such a large investment. As we know, a seemingly sunny day in Southwest Florida can turn into a downpour in a matter of minutes, especially in summer. Hours of rainfall can cause a swimming pool to drop a few degrees, which is the difference between being comfortable and shivering in the pool.

In this blog, we'll discuss different types of pool heaters that might suit your needs, the benefits of pool heaters and how a reputable pool service company can help maintain one.

Types of Pool Heaters

When it comes to choosing the right pool heater for your Southwest Florida pool, these are three of the most common options:

Gas pool heater - Gas pool heaters are a very popular option because of how affordable they are. They also heat your pool quickly and efficiently to your desired temperature.

Compared to other pool heaters, they aren't very energy efficient and their lifespan is shorter than other options.

Solar pool heater - In Southwest Florida, a solar pool heater is a viable option. They have no operational cost and are very energy efficient. Most solar pool heaters last for more than 10 years.

A solar pool heater will only work when it's sunny outside. Southwest Florida has plenty of those days, but we also experience lots of cloudy days as well, and if you're trying to heat a pool without sunshine, you might not get the result you're looking for.

Electric Heat Pump - Pump pool heaters are very effective, initially, they might have a high price tag, but there are little to no operational costs and they last around 10 years.

These pumps use heat from the air, so you can expect your energy bill to go up in the winter when the pump has to work harder to warm your pool. Luckily, it never gets very cold here in Southwest Florida!

Benefits of a Pool Heater

The obvious benefit of a pool heater is you can use your swimming pool any time of year. But another added benefit is that a pool heater will increase the value of your home if you ever sell it. Even in Southwest Florida, potential homeowners are asking their realtors if the pool has a heater. If it doesn't, that's an added expense the potential homeowner doesn't want to pay for after they move-in.

Even if you're not selling your home, a pool heater allows for great pool parties in December, January and February! So if you're worried that you or your kids can't have a birthday pool party in the winter, a pool heater can solve that problem!

Sweetwater Pool Service

A pool heater that works for your neighbor's pool might not be the pool heater that suits the needs of your budget and pool. Numerous factors go into selecting a pool heater, and Sweetwater Pool Service can help you develop an informed decision so you can choose the right one!

We will also install the pool heater and perform maintenance on it to extend its lifespan and help it run at maximum efficiency! So, if you need a new pool heater, just Relax... We Will Do The Work!

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