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At the recommendation of Sweetwater Pool Service, they recently installed a Jandy pool automation system on my pool. We have been here for 2 weeks and the system has worked just as advertised. No hassles and no issues. My wife is happy!!! My old system was only 3 years old and it never worked right.


Glad we changed to Sweetwater.

-J.C. Raies

I have had a lot of pool service companies over the years.
I find Sweetwater to be most organized, most knowledgeable, most reliable I have dealt with. Denise is so pleasant and nice every time I call. The owner personally took my call when I first started with them to help me with a small problem.
Thanks guys.
Keep up the good work!

-Gio Iuculano

After all our previous conversation I want to tell you following:

– thank you very much for always being helpful and your understanding
– the special phosphate treatment was a big success
– your pool technician is really doing an excellent job

My wife is full of emphasis about the current pool quality (we never had the pool in this great shape – her words). Thank you very much for all your efforts to satisfy your customer

Have a great day

-Karl Adamek

We just returned to Florida this week after being up north for 6 months.
It was so nice to return and find our front water feature and pool in pristine condition. Everything from lack of waterline residue, the tiles around the water feature being mold free to lots of suction on the pool vacuum…….

Anthony was here yesterday. He is such a nice, modest, conscientious customer driven individual.

I hope we never lose him!!!!

-Victor Apa

Hope all is well with you.

Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with our new pool guy Kevin. Since he took over, pool seems to look well taken care of and never have any issues. He is very pleasant to talk to as well.

Thank you for the great work.


-Reiko Powderly

I just wanted to bring to your attention the excellent service being provided by your pool technician.

A couple of weeks ago, he entered my lanai to clean the pool and noticed that one of my screen panels on my lanai was damaged. He reported it to you and your staff then left a voice-mail for me. That was very much appreciated. Others would have ignored it and just done their job, but he took the time to report the incident.

Second, when he entered the lanai on Tuesday, he tracked in some mud. When he finished the job, he grabbed the hose and washed down the mud he had tracked in. Once again, exemplary customer service.

I will be rewarding him the next time I see him, but wanted you to know about it too.



My name is Doug Pysher and we are renting @ 238 Silverado Dr in the Vineyards…I understand that this has been somewhat of a problem pool…When we first moved in the pool had a very bad algae problem…But your guy "Willie" has done an excellent job getting rid of the algae and coming back to check on the pool...I also understand that the prior renters gave Willie and your firm some grief about the condition of the pool…We just wanted to tell you that he has been really good with us in not only getting the pool in the best condition that he can but also explaining to us the issues with the pool…Has made us feel very comfortable with Willie and your firm…Thank You…

-Doug Pysher

I have been using this company for almost a year. I have found them to be extremely personable and fair in my dealings. They take responsibility for issues and get them fixed. Proactive communications and professionalism has been the norm in the year we have been doing business. While they may not be the cheapest in price, their reliability and great job make this one thing in my life I do not typically need to worry about. I recommend this company for weekly pool service in the Naples area without hesitation.

-Michael Fauls

Partially my mistake…
it was Sweetwater Pools to the rescue...
When the pool tech was there on Friday fecal matter was spotted in the pool. Gunthus responded by cleaning up the fecal matter and shocking the pool, he hung the sign the pool is closed as required by the Health Dept. The pool could be reopened on Saturday morning.
This is appropriate action by the pool tech.

-Sentry Management
Ft. Myers, Florida

Dear Reader, I have lived in Naples for over 40 years and owned many homes with Pools..Before I retired I was managing 9 beachfront estates on Gordon Dr during all of this time I dealt with many Poll Services so I can honestly say you have a great company..
Our Pool Tech, Vic ,has kept our pool crystal clear and cleaner then it has ever been..On top of that he is a true gentleman when he had finished the pool and getting ready to leave my wife came home from the store and he offered to help her carry the groceries in.. This is what Naples used to be and thanks to your company and Vic we are getting back to days gone by..
Thanks for Your Great Service and Vic,

-Jeffrey & Petra Ryan
Naples, FL

btw – I want to thank you guys for the immediate service call you made a few weeks ago when I had a water line come unglued. I had to go away the next day, and so I very much appreciated the rapid response.

-Bill Heaney
Bonita Springs, Florida

Our pool technician gives us The Best Pool Service! Thank You!

-Bernd Ludwig
Naples, FL 34112

I just wanted you to know that since we have had Sweetwater taking care of our pool, it has been perfect. The young man who comes is polite, thorough, friendly, reliable and does an excellent job.

-Deborah Nelson
Naples, FL 34102

Thanks again for getting our pool back up and running in such a fast manner! You guys are awesome! Thanks again, truly appreciate it!

-Tom and Lori Stevenson
Naples, Florida 34104

Thank You for making this an effortless process for us. Glad to hear that all went well with the pool heater installation. We appreciate the photos of the finished product.

-Yvonne and Neal Kushner
Verona Walk, Naples FL

Thanks. We are so happy we switched to your pool service. Keep up the good work.

-Pat and Don Gricus
Bonita Shores
Bonita Springs, Florida 34134

Anything you can do to help get this pool be perfect for tomorrow would be much appreciated. Anyway, thanks for all you do. I have so much confidence in you guys. I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of us. I really appreciate it.

-Tammy Mugavero MS, L/ATC, CSCS
Fitness Center Manager
Bonita Bay Club

We have used Sweetwater Pool Service for about three years now and recommended them to an neighboring association that is now using them as well. I feel that they stay on top of things and when something breaks, their cost is competitive.
Pools are never an inexpensive proposition but at least having a competent company servicing them helps to keep the expense in check. They visit our two pools three times a week and work to keep them in compliance with the health department regulations so the inspections go as well as can be expected.
I would recommend using them and requesting a report on the status of the equipment which is very helpful for budgeting purposes and is available for a reasonable fee. Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns.

-David Saunders
President – Mill Creek Rec association at Colonial
Ft. Myers Florida

Since the inception of service with Sweetwater, I had never had a problem. During a period where I was without them, my spa heater did not work, and the pool experienced less than adequate care. Once I returned from my trip and contacted them, they immediately responded. My pool is beautiful and the spa heater is working. Mind you, there was no additional charge to bring things back to the way they were. Sweetwater is not only sweet, they are personable and kind to both their clients and employees.
Thank you!

-Laura Cronin
Naples, FL 34102

Pool has never been this clean since she’s owned the home and loves her Technician and that he is the best Technician she has ever had.

-Cynthia Place
Naples, Florida

Hi, I want to thank you both for all the help and information you have provided to me to pass along to the Board. They wanted me to let you know that you are the first company to go above and beyond to answer their questions, and it is much appreciated.

They gave me the go ahead to approve the replacement of the pump as you requested.

Thank you,

-Lindsey Ady, CAM
Advanced Property Management Service, Inc

You are good people! that I can trust.
Thanks again

-Brian Trang

I was just approached by a pool company whom said "I heard you were taking cleaning bids".
I replied, "I do not know where you heard that and at this time I am very happy with Sweetwater."
I just wanted you to know.

-Judy Fretwell – Site Manager
Highland Woods Golf & Country Club
(7 Pool Commercial Pools)

Sweetwater Pool Service is the best pool service we ever had!

-Ron and Mary O’Keefe
Naples, FL

Thanks. As always, your company does a great job.
Best Regards

-R. Laken Mitchell

Thanks so much for the great service! Another case of operator error, so we really appreciate the stop by JT.

-Kelly Dawson

I checked today and all items noted on the inspection have been completed 10 days ahead of schedule. Thank you for staying on top of this and getting all items repaired so quickly. Your time and efforts are very much appreciated as you make my life that much easier. Kudos!


-Jessica Endres, LCAM
Property Manager
Rookery Pointe Homeowners Association

It is difficult sometimes in determining the best contractor for a certain service, but if you are looking for a phenomenal pool service, look no further. Sweetwater Pools is the best pool company in Naples hands down. I have been a Property manager for 10 years and have managed from Tampa to West Palm Beach to Naples/Estero. In all my years of management, I have never had a company be so responsive, knowledgeable and upbeat. It is very refreshing.

The owner of Sweetwater Pool Service, is a great team leader and customer service provider. The owner has a board of range of knowledge in regard to commercial and residential pools and spas. His staff is courteous, friendly, understanding and quick respond to my every need and request without delay. You can tell the pool techs are trained very well in all aspects of pool management and are very easy to talk and knowledgeable.

The Association had a heater go down and the same day Sweetwater repaired it. Also, we just had our pool inspection and the Association passed with flying colors.
All in all, if you want the best price for the best pool service with unmatched customer service and repair response time, Sweetwater Pool Services should be your choice.


-Jessica Endres, LCAM
Property Manager
Rookery Pointe Homeowners Association

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Sweetwater Pools for their service.
Sweetwater Pool Services possesses excellent skills necessary to administer pool, spa & fountain services. The work they produce is on-time and accurate. Their service has led to a significant decrease in complaints from our members concerning cleanliness and equipment out of order.
I would highly recommend Sweetwater Pool Services to anyone seeking these qualities in a Pool company.

-Joey Kundtz
Fitness & Spa Director
The Bonita Bay Group

“These guys came out in the pooring rain and fixed my pool. I live up north and a neighbor called and told me there was a problem. I called several companies and Sweetwater was the only one to take time to explain what the problem could be, then sent someone out when I needed them. I now have then doing my weekly service and I would tell you to call them.”


I was very pleased with the response from this company, very quick to send out a technician to fix my problem, they sent a very competant pool tech, then followed up with the Service Manager contacting me personally. I would highly recommend this company.


I would recommend this place 100%. I was beyond impressed with their friendly and professional service.. dont look anywhere else for your pool needs.