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About Sweetwater Pool Service

Sweetwater Pool Service in Naples is a family-owned service, repair, and maintenance company specializing in commercial and residential swimming pools, spas and fountains. Built from the ground up by way of hard work, word of mouth, and determination, our customers are the life of our business and we will stop at nothing to be the best in the industry.

Why choose Sweetwater Pool Service Naples? We've taken the steps to make our clients feel at ease... Please take the time to read our testimonials. LET US DO THE WORK.

About Sweetwater Pool Services
About Sweetwater Pool Services

We're State Registered and Insured (CPC1458119).

When making swimming pool repairs, servicing customers' pools, or performing equipment installations, our customers can rest assured that it’s being done by a qualified and committed company. We strive to pass along the lowest prices for recurring, regular pool cleaning, replacement pool parts and accessories, and unfortunate equipment repairs.

Communication is a big part of our mission. Our responses to client inquiries are quick and courteous, with pertinent information (brochures, manuals, invoices, statements, or estimates) easily forwarded at the click of a button. We also provide an extensive glossary, hurricane preparation plan for your pool, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding regular pool care and common pool issues – all right here on our site!

An important feature of our company is the way we maintain and balance the pool water chemistry. Under most circumstances, a "magic" chemical is not needed. Smart, effective maintenance of the water and equipment eliminates the need to inject your pool water with expensive, often unnecessary chemicals. Contrary to what your local pool stores tell you, a pool can be maintained without the need of expensive chemical alternatives.

Above all, we treat every pool as if it were our own. Our customers really are #1, and our dedication to customer satisfaction shows with customer reviews from Angie’s List, Naples Daily News, Google, Merchant Circle and our testimonials.


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