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Pool Lighting

Standard Pool Lights

Whether you enjoy the night-time ambiance or a relaxing evening dip in the pool, standard pool lights will:

  • Add an alluring effect to the water surface
  • Extend the time you spend in the pool
  • Improves night-time visibility
  • Accentuates waterfalls and pool jets
  • Highlights pool walls and beautiful decks
Standard Pool Lighting

LED Pool Lights

LED Pool Lighting

You can’t have a discussion about the future of pool illumination without talking about LED pool lights. LED lighting offers numerous benefits that standard pool lighting simply doesn’t:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Significantly longer lightbulb lifespan
  • Vibrant and brighter colors
  • Less Maintenance

LED pool lights also use about 85% less energy than standard pool lights and can last 50 times longer. These benefits make them a fantastic option for your residential or commercial pool.

Specialty Pool Lights

Are you looking to add a unique sense of elegance to your residential or commercial pool? Implementing specialty lights can enhance the atmosphere around and in any pool for any situation. Whether you’re planning on throwing more pool parties or making the most of relaxing nights, specialty pool lights will transform the mood of any backyard, community or resort pool.

Regardless of what type of pool lighting you’re considering to enhance the ambiance of your residential or commercial property, call Sweetwater Pool Service!

Emerald Pool Lighting