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Saltwater Pool Systems

Saltwater Pool Systems

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We can easily and affordably convert your pool into a saltwater pool. Swim in softer, more luxurious feeling water without all of the harsh chemicals, dry skin or bleach!

A chlorine generator is a type of support equipment for recreational pools that virtually eliminates the use of chlorine. Pools equipped with a chlorine generator generate chlorine automatically using the pool water itself and thereby avoid the problems associated with chlorine.

In order to utilize a chlorine generator, the pool water must be converted from a chlorine pool to what is called a "saltwater pool". This is accomplished by adding approximately 20 lbs of salt per 1000 gallons of fresh water.

Pool Salt Systems

The salinity (saltiness) of the pool will be adjusted up and down according to the requirements. Technically, this low level of salinity is still considered fresh water by drinking water standards.

The chlorine generator is installed in the pool’s existing pump and filter system. The unit generates pure chlorine by passing the pool water — now a saltwater solution — between titanium plates that are electrically charged. When the saltwater passes through this electrical field, a chemical reaction produces pure chlorine and some hydrogen gas.

This treated (chlorinated) water enters the pool and within minutes kills any biological or bacterial growth. The remaining chlorine decomposes and breaks down with exposure to sunlight, and the dead biological material is removed from the pool by the pump and filter system.

The salt used by the process to generate chlorine is returned to the pool as salt when the chlorine breaks down.

Therefore, salt is not consumed and does not need to be added, it just continually re-circulates through the process.

It is necessary to add water to the pool to replace water lost to evaporation and splash-out. It is sometimes necessary to add a bit of salt every now and then to replace salt physically removed from the pool with splash-out, but since salt does not evaporate like the water does, you will not add salt very often.

The final concentration of the saltwater in a saltwater pool is frankly, not very much. It is approximately one-tenth the salinity of ocean water, or roughly the same salinity as tears. The light amount of salinity in the pool is much easier on your eyes, skin and hair than a freshwater pool with chlorine added.

Purchased chlorine causes most of the discomfort associated with traditional pools, resulting in the usual bleached hair and clothing and irritation to the eyes.