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Five Tips That Will Help You Throw an Amazing Pool Party!

Fri, Feb 28th, 2020

Five Tips That Will Help You Throw an Amazing Pool Party!

Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means don’t you??? The best time of year in Southwest Florida to throw a great pool party! You might be thinking, “Isn’t Summer the best time to throw a pool party?” Well it rains seemingly almost every day during the Summer, which can put a damper on any outdoor festivities. Sure, you could also have a party in the Winter, but you’ll occasionally get a few days where the temperature drops into the 50s. For Northerners, that might be acceptable, but not for us Floridians!

In this blog, we’ll give you five tips to ensure that you throw a pool party that everyone will enjoy!

Send Festive and Informative Invitations

It seems like everyone today is always sending invites via Facebook or group text messaging. Call me old school, but who misses the days of receiving positive news in the mail? Such as a pool party invitation! A creative invite helps build anticipation in a way that Facebook or texting can’t duplicate. Every time the person you invite walks into the kitchen and see’s your festive and colorful invitation on the fridge, it can put a smile on their face and remind them that a fun relaxing day is about to occur.

It’s important to make the invitations informative. Will there be food, alcohol, water, music, roughly how many people, or children present? The more people know, the greater the odds are of creating the party atmosphere you were anticipating. The last thing anybody wants is Uncle Eddy getting too drunk in front of children because he was expecting a more “ra ra” type of party.

Have Decorations That Match the Invitations

People form an opinion within seconds of walking into a situation or setting. If you want to implement a “wow” factor into your pool party, set up decorations that match the invitations. If you send out beach themed invites, consider purchasing a palm tree float, little umbrellas for everyone’s drinks, a “Beach This Way ->” sign and things along those lines. People will appreciate the effort and the great job you did making the experience fun for everyone.

Create a Party Playlist

Creating a party playlist is party planning 101. But don’t just sloppily throw your favorite songs on a playlist and call it a day. Wrong music in the wrong setting can make some people uncomfortable and generate an uneasy vibe. Consider your audience. From our past experiences, country music and reggae are pretty safe bets when entertaining a group of people. But the best thing you can do is cater to your guests. Play a nice variety of music that you know people will enjoy.

Have Snacks and Drinks for Everyone

If you have a small gathering of about 10 people, it might be worth it to grill some hamburgers and hot dogs with some yummy sides such as potato or macaroni salad. But if you’re expecting 25 to 30 people, grilling food for everyone can become a bit overwhelming. Picking up a party platter of sandwiches with some snacks is perfectly acceptable. If you know someone is attending your party and they have an allergy to a specific food (such as gluten), do your best to provide an alternative option or communicate with that person ahead of time.

Make Sure the Pool is Clean

Have you ever been to someone else’s pool, taken one look at it and felt repulsed at thought of swimming in that water? This can be the ultimate buzz kill at a pool party. This is where Sweetwater Pool Service can help!

If you’re occupied with other party planning responsibilities, give us a call and we’ll come to your home and make sure your pool is nice and clean for all of your family and friends to enjoy. Relax…We will do the work!

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