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Why Should You Invest In Swimming Pool Automation?

Tue, Nov 24th, 2020

Why Should You Invest In Swimming Pool Automation?

How important is luxury and convenience to you? When you invest in swimming pool automation, you're getting both! A swimming pool is something that should be enjoyed, and the more you reduce the number of time-consuming tasks that come with maintaining or using your pool, the more you will enjoy it!

Sweetwater Pool Service is here to tell you pool and spa automation will change your perspective on pool maintenance! In this blog, we'll discuss what exactly pool automation is and how you will reap the benefit of it!

Pool and Spa Automation

In the past, the only way to control your pool's heater and pump were to turn them on individually. The schedule for each feature of your pool needed to be watched closely to maintain it properly.

Fast forward to 2020, pretty much every pool and spa can be automated. Automation isn't just an option for new pools, it can be installed for older pools as well. If you think pool automation is only for tech-savvy homeowners, think again! It's very easy to use and all you need is Wi-Fi, a good automation system and a smartphone!

An automated pool system will allow you to have all of your pool's features in the palm of your hand at all times. Your automated system would be powered by a digital control panel, which would control pool functions such as your pool pump, heater, spa, pool lights and more through relays and actuators.

The Benefits of Pool and Spa Automation

Easy Chemical Maintenance - Are you tired of the tedious task of chemical adjustment and frequent water testing? Pool and spa automation will eliminate that part of pool maintenance! Your automated system can calculate your pool's chemical levels so you don't have to. Your automated system can easily be programmed to target the best chemical balance to assure quality pool water daily.

Complete Remote Control - No matter where you are, you will have control of your swimming pool's features! At a moment's notice, you will be able to make adjustments to your pool via your smartphone. There isn't a need for any additional remotes. Simply use the pool automation app connected to the system.

Mulit-System Automation - You can automate multiple systems to enhance your pool experience. Switching control options from pool to spa requires little energy and doesn't waste your time.

Vacation Convenience - Do you dread asking your neighbors to take care of your pool while you're out of town? When you have an automated pool system, you won't have to! Set up an automated "vacation" profile before you go out of town and your system can handle the rest! If anything goes wrong when you're out of town, your automated system will send you an alert so you can call a local pool company to come resolve the issue.

Convenient Pool Party Setup - In an instant, your pool can go from ordinary to an extraordinary pool party setting! Control pool lighting, spa options and temperature of your pool without the stress of all the tedious preparation.

Sweetwater Pool Service

Swimming pool automation comes with numerous benefits that will make maintaining your pool much more convenient. If you would like this state of the art pool technology installed, contact Sweetwater Pool Service and we will come set it up for you!

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