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Swimming Pool Technology

Mon, Feb 28th, 2022

Swimming Pool Automation

Everyone loves the enjoyment a nice swimming pool can bring. Technology has come a long way since the early days of swimming pools and now you can control many aspects of your swimming pool with just the touch of your finger.

Pentair Easy Touch Pool Automation Systems give you the ability to control your swimming pool's temperature, lighting and pool equipment. iAquaLink 2.0™ Pool Control System is a wireless automation system that lets you manage all of the features of your swimming pool from your smartphone or computer.

With swimming pool automation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your swimming pool is always ready for a swim, even when you're not there.

Pentair Pool Automation Systems

Pentair has a wide range of products to choose from. The Pentair Easy Touch Pool Automation Systems are some of the most popular swimming pool automation systems on the market. These systems are easy to use and provide complete control over all aspects of your swimming pool.

The iAquaLink 2.0™ Pool Control System is the latest and most advanced swimming pool automation system from Pentair. This system provides wireless control of all swimming pool features from your smartphone or computer.

No matter which swimming pool automation system you choose, Pentair has you covered. So, dive into swimming pool automation with Pentair and enjoy a swimming pool that's always just the way you want it.

Automate and control your backyard experience with the most user-friendly, innovative pool control systems, even when you are away! The AquaLink wireless handheld remote allows for complete control of your pool and all of its features. The remote is very user-friendly with a large screen that clearly shows the status and functions you’re controlling.

If you’re lying on a float in the pool, don’t worry about leaving the remote on the pool deck in fear of breaking it by dropping it in the water because it’s water-resistant and it floats! Other features of the remote include:

  • Rubber grip for easy handling
  • Very durable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Runs with AA batteries

Managing your swimming pool has never been so easy and all from the convenience of your smartphone, computer, tablet or web-connected device!

For more information on swimming pool automation, visit our website or give us a call. Contact Sweetwater Pool Service for all of your swimming pool maintenance and equipment needs.