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Pool Party Ideas That Bring People Together!

Mon, Jan 18th, 2021

Pool Party Ideas That Bring People Together!

Warm pool weather will be here before you know it! Hopefully, by that time COVID-19 will be memory and we can start enjoying each other's company in large group settings once again ( suggests that you continue to refrain from gatherings of 10 or more people unless you can social distance). But we can always plan for the future!

Entertaining guests by a pool is one of the best social settings to engage in conversation. It's scenic, calming and gives you something to do if you want to hop in for a swim!

In this blog, we'll provide some fun and creative pool party ideas that will rally your friends, family and loved one's together once again in the near future!

Hawaiian Luau

Do you own a Hawaiian floral shirt that's been in your closet since 1995? Now's your chance to put it to good use! Decorate around your pool with tropical colors, bamboo, palm trees, torches (use with caution!) and even scatter flowers across the surface of your pool.

Coat your favorite grilling meat with pineapple, or even treat everyone to an authentic pig roast. Get creative and make Hawaii proud of your party!

Beach Party

Bring the beach to your backyard! Barbecue, flip-flops, swimsuits and sandboxes... That's right, Start your very own sandcastle contest with your children's sandbox! Cover lounge chairs in beach towels, set up a volleyball net and decorate surfaces with seashells. Have activities such as frisbee and paddleball out and available for guests to use! Show off your grilling skills by serving classic burgers, hotdogs and corn on the cob.

Themes for Children

A pool party is an excellent way to celebrate any child's birthday. There are numerous themes that would help make your child's birthday one they will never forget; such as Finding Nemo, Spongebob, Frozen, or whatever your child is into. Games such as Sharks and Minnows, Marco Polo, Pool Basketball, etc. will allow them to have a great time!

Hosting The Big Game

No matter what sport you're a fan of, hosting a championship game pool party is a great way to gather everyone looking to demonstrate their tremendous team spirit! Even if you're not a fan of sports, you always have the pool, food, drinks and great company to make the evening enjoyable!

Sweetwater Pool Service

If you're hosting a pool party, it's important to make sure your pool is clean and features such as the pool heater are working properly.

When it's time to host a pool party, call Sweetwater Pool Service to make sure your pool is clean and pristine. We offer all of the services your pool could need. We can even install pool lighting to take the ambiance to a new level! Relax... We'll Do The Work!

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