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The Importance of Maintaining Your Pool

Fri, Nov 29th, 2019

The Importance of Maintaining Your Pool

Have you ever considered your pool to be an investment? Believe it or not, it’s actually a big one. Maintaining your pool is very important if you want to maximize its value while getting the absolute most out of it. Just like any investment, such as a car or an air conditioning unit, regular maintenance is critical for the functionality, efficiency and longevity of the investment.

Owning a pool can be fun and it’s a great feature for a home. It’s a place where your children can generate memories that will last them a lifetime and somewhere the entire family can kick back and relax.

But at times, maintaining your pool can be inconvenient. Say you have plans with the family to go on vacation, but with all of the hustle and bustle around planning a trip, you didn’t take pool maintenance into consideration.

Now you’re calling people left and right to see if they can do you a huge favor at the last second by taking care of your pool. In this blog, we’ll discuss why hiring a reputable pool company to maintain your pool is a better investment than simply relying on yourself to do it all.

Water Balance

For a homeowner, water balance is the most complex part of pool maintenance. To keep a clean and safe pool, you need to maintain a constant balance of chemicals. As most of us know, chlorine is a critical chemical that keeps a pool clean. But maintaining a clean pool is much more than just occasionally adding chlorine. The most important aspect of water balance is to keep the pH balance as close to neutral as possible.

There are many natural factors that go into determining a constant pH level; such as the effects of heat and sunlight. Here in Southwest Florida, it’s vital to pay attention to mother nature and what she has in store. Direct sunlight can cause chemicals to dissipate quicker, which requires more treatments, and if it rains your pools pH could drop. Unless you have a trained eye and experience using pool equipment, you could unintentionally throw off the chemical balance of your pool.

Maintaining Equipment

Another important feature when maintaining clean pool water are the pool pumps. Your pool's filtration system is dependent upon the pool pump and motor. The job of your pool pump is to keep water flowing through the water features, filters, heaters and skimmers. Failing to regularly check your pool pump can cause expensive repairs and wreak havoc on the rest of the equipment.

Features such as pool heaters, pool automation and pool lighting all make your swimming experience more enjoyable, and if maintained properly, can maximize your swimming pool investment.

Sweetwater Pool Service

At Sweetwater Pool Service, we’ll maximize your swimming pool investment by keeping your water clean and extending the lifespan of the equipment while preventing costly repairs. If maintaining your pool is something that has become a major inconvenience in your busy schedule, give us a call!

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