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The Health Benefits of Swimming

Thu, Apr 30th, 2020

The Health Benefits of Swimming

Are you looking for an activity that will get you fit, healthy and make you feel fantastic? Active swimming has been proven to have many health benefits that support a healthy lifestyle. Professional athletes such as LeBron James, Tom Brady and Drew Brees (who are all going to play their respective sports into their 40s) can confirm the importance of swimming regularly. In this blog, we'll discuss numerous ways swimming can help you lead a healthy life.

Full Body Workout

You workout at the gym five days a week and are happy with the progress you've made. But one day a buddy of yours asks if you want to join him for one of his swimming workouts. The next day, every inch of your body aches. Why is this? Swimming will work out muscles you didn't know were a part of your body. You don't need to do a vigorous swim workout for it to be effective. How hard you push yourself in the pool and how long you swim will differ depending on the individual.

Boosts Immune System

For the past couple of months, most people have been going above and beyond to stay healthy; doing things such as wearing masks, gloves and avoiding contact with other people. What some individuals might not know is physical activity can do more than get you in shape. Studies have shown 30 minutes of swimming every week can boost your immune system, in addition to protecting you from heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Relieves Stress

Parents and business owners, listen up! With everything closed, parents have been quarantined with their children for a couple of months. They've also had to home school them, which is outside of most parents' comfort zone.

Some small business owners have been at the mercy of the government; waiting for checks to pay their employees and keep the roof over their heads while they try to stay in business.

I would say those two things are extremely stressful. Something that has been proven to relieve stress is going for a swim. Doing a few laps can help put your mind at ease and have a calming effect on your mind and body.

Supports Body Weight

If you're rehabilitating an injury or recovering from an illness, but still need to get outside and exercise, your pool is a great place to do that. Water supports up to 90% of your body weight, allowing you to control the intensity level of your workout.

Increases Energy Levels

I think we could all use a little shot of energy during this time. Swimming can help you attain that. Inactivity can make you feel lazy and lackluster. Since swimming works out nearly every aspect of your body and is the opposite of being lazy, it will provide you with energy when you need it most.

Sweetwater Pool Service

Going for a swim has been one of the only activities we've been allowed to do during this time. Since swimming has so many health benefits, we want you to be able to swim whenever you want.

At Sweetwater Pool Service, we can help keep your pool clean and ready to swim in at your convenience. Relax... We Will Do The Work!

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