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Swimming Pools in Florida

Fri, Sep 16th, 2021

Swimming Pools in Florida

Who doesn't love to swim and relax by the swimming pool? There is something about a swimming pool that is calming and serene. Did you know there are over 1.1 million residential swimming pools in Florida? Pools are also great for entertaining and although pools have many great things about them, there can also be inconveniences.

What Are Some Common Swimming Pool Issues?

There are some common things that can happen to your pool over time including algae growth, high levels of chlorine, clogged pool filter and poor circulation. What can cause these things to happen?

  • Algae overgrowth - Pool water is supposed to be blue and clear but algae overgrowth can be caused by too little chlorine and it is recommended to hire a professional pool company to get rid of the algae problem for you.
  • High Chlorine Levels - You may think there is too much chlorine in your pool because your eyes burn or you can smell chlorine but the only way to really know for sure if the chlorine levels are too high is by testing the water. Actually, the chlorine levels in your pool should be tested on a regular basis.
  • Clogged Pool Filter - If you notice more debris in your pool than usual, the pool filter may be clogged. Bugs, leaves and dirt are common culprits that clog pool filters. This can happen if your pool is not cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Poor Circulation - Pool water circulates and a clogged pool filter can inhibit circulation but if your pool filter is clear, it may be another reason such as a hole in the airline or an electrical problem. Hire a professional pool company to fix the problem.

What Can Happen If There Is Too Much Chlorine in My Pool Water?

Chlorine is used to kill germs from urine, feces and other sources. High level of chlorine in the pool can make you sick! Nose or throat pain, burning eyes, rashes, asthma flare-ups and cough are some of the symptoms of too much chlorine in pool water.

What Can Happen if I Swim In Green Pool Water?

Skin infections is the most common health repercussion from swimming in pool water that is overgrown with algae. The real harm is from the bacteria that feed on pool algae. These bacteria can cause rashes and breaks in your skin that can expose you to even more severe infections.

What If I Get Tired of Taking Care of My Own Swimming Pool?

There are many components to consider when properly taking care of your own pool including cleaning the pool, balancing chemicals, maintaining pool equipment (pumps, heaters etc.) and more... Many people have a busy schedule and it can take time to care for a swimming pool. If you have been taking care of your own pool, try hiring a professional pool company to care for your pool and see how you like having the extra free time to do other things.

Is A Saltwater Pool System Better?

Saltwater pool systems are more gentle on eyes, skin and hair as they have much lower chlorine levels. There is also research showing that saltwater pools are healthier than the usual chlorine-treated swimming pools. Many people think a saltwater pool tastes salty but it doesn't. They only have about one-tenth the salinity of seawater!

Sweetwater Pool Services can take care of all of your swimming pools needs including keeping your pool clean, maintaining the equipment, repairing equipment and installing new equipment. We can even change your existing pool into a saltwater pool. Give us a call today! 239-775-7665

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