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How Can Sweetwater Pool Service Maximize Your Swimming Pool Experience?

Fri, Dec 27th, 2019

How Can Sweetwater Pool Service Maximize Your Swimming Pool Experience?

In our last blog, we touched upon what a major investment a swimming pool is. That being said, most people don’t fully maximize their investment by adding certain features that would make their swimming pool experience much more enjoyable. Sweetwater Pool Service can help you get the most out of your pool by installing the latest equipment that will not only make your investment more enjoyable, but less harmful for your skin, hair and eyes

Pool Heaters

We are officially in pool heater season here in Southwest Florida. If you like your swimming pool water in the 80-85-degree range, it may have really started back in October. Even though we live in a warm tropical climate, having a quality pool heater is a wise investment, because for year-round residents, pool water is too cold to comfortably swim in many months out of the year.

If you aren’t comfortable swimming in your pool four, five or six months out of the year, are you really getting the most out of your BIG investment? Fortunately, Sweetwater Pool Service offers a variety of pool heaters to choose from that will fit your needs. We repair pool heaters as well so you don’t have to go an extended period of time with a chilly pool.

Pool Lighting

Do you prefer to swim during the day? Or at night? Different people prefer swimming at different times, but isn’t it nice to have an option? The LED and Specialty Pool Lights we offer might change the way you view night swimming!

LED pool lights use about 85% less energy than standard pool lights and can last 50 times longer. They also provide your pool with a vibrant ambiance that glistens in the night sky!

If you want your residential or commercial pool to present a unique, yet elegant mood, check out our specialty pool lighting options. Whether you’re planning on throwing more pool parties or making the most of relaxing nights, specialty pool lighting is sure to be the focal point of your backyard or lanai.

Salt Water Pool Systems

Salt water pool systems are extremely beneficial because it eliminates the feeling of harsh chemicals on your skin, hair and eyes. You can actually feel a difference when swimming in a salt water pool, compared to a run-of-the-mill chlorine pool. The final concentration of the saltwater in a saltwater pool is frankly, not very much. It is approximately one-tenth the salinity of ocean water, or roughly the same salinity as tears, but it makes all the difference in the world.

Sweetwater Pool Service

At Sweetwater Pool Service, we want to maximize your swimming pool experience by providing you with features that will make going for a swim much more enjoyable. Whether it’s a high quality pool heater, eye-popping pool lighting, a salt water pool system or any of our products and services we offer, we want you to relax… we will do the work!

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