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Do You Know What The Physical and Mental Health Benefits Are Of Having a Swimming Pool?

Wed, Aug 18th, 2021

Do You Know What The Physical and Mental Health Benefits Are Of Having a Swimming Pool?

Did you know that having a swimming pool at your home provides both physical and mental health benefits? In Southwest Florida, many people have swimming pools and use them for relaxing by, to enjoy with friends and family and for exercise. But do you know the other physical and mental health benefits your pool can provide?

Mental Health Benefits of a Swimming Pool

The mental health benefits of using a swimming pool include:

  • Leaving worries outside of the pool - When you are swimming, concentration usually turns to your breathing, the beauty of the sky and surroundings, feeling the sun and how many laps you are doing. Keeping track and focusing on these other things takes your mind off of your worries giving you a break.
  • Release of feel good hormones - Our brains release endorphins and serotonin during exercise. These are the "feel good" hormones that provide a sense of well-being, happiness, feeling positive and helps us to generally deal better with stress.
  • Increased blood flow - A study showed that being immersed in water helps increase blood flow to the brain. Increased brain blood flow helps improve memory, concentration, mood and overall cognitive function.
  • Relieves Anxiety and Depression - Swimming is the ideal way to meditate and bring your mind to a place of balance.

Physical Health Benefits of a Swimming Pool

  • Getting back to exercise after illness or injury - According to NIH (National Institutes of Health), a swimming pool can be particularly therapeutic when returning to exercise from injury or illness. With the need to stay balanced in the water, swimming develops the deep stabilizing muscles in the core and lower back. This not just improves posture, but it also makes it a valuable sport for those who suffer with back pain.
  • Good cardiovascular workout - Swimming gets your heart rate up while keeping the stress off of your joints. This is good for anyone who has arthritis or other condition that can cause joint pain when exercising on the land.
  • Good way to get stronger - Swimming helps tone your muscles and builds strength and also helps maintain a healthy heart, weight and lungs.

What is the Condition of Your Pool?

As you can see a swimming pool has many physical and mental health benefits but there may be less of an experience if your pool is in need of repair or doesn't look very good. There are a variety of reasons you may want to consider renovating your pool including:

  • Your pool mechanics are not functioning properly - If your pool water looks cloudy or dirty it may be because your pool pump, filter or pool equipment is malfunctioning or failing.
  • Old looking surfaces - Your pool deck may have cracks and these can not only look unsightly but can also cause a tripping hazard.
  • Pool cage has torn, dirty or clogged screens - Bugs, animals and debris can easily enter your pool deck.

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Sources: Psychology Today, NIH, Swimming World Magazine (This article is for informational purposes only. Talk to your dr before starting any exercise program).