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Do you know how to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane?

Fri, Jul 17th, 2020

Do you know how to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane?

Summer is a great time of year to go to the beach, hang out by the pool and spend time with friends and family. But Southwest Floridians know all too well summer is the heart of hurricane season (June 1st-November 30th). Hurricane Irma instilled respect for mother nature many of us may not have had before. Astonishingly, there's still storm damage in Southwest Florida that hasn't been repaired from that storm three years ago. Many swimming pools suffered severe damage that could have been prevented with proper preparation.

In this blog, we'll give you step by step directions on everything you should do to prepare your pool before a hurricane, what to do after the hurricane and how Sweetwater Pool Service can help!

Before a Hurricane

  • If there's a chance any of your pool equipment could become submerged, turn off the power at the breaker panel.
  • Sandbag the area around the equipment.
  • Wrap and tie the exposed equipment in a waterproof covering.
  • Do not drain the pool completely. If you do drain the pool, don't drain it past the bottom of the skimmer. Running your pool pump dry can cause serious damage.
  • If you have a gas heater, turn off the gas supply at the valve.
  • Add liquid chlorine right before the storm then turn the power off the circuit breaker. This will help clean the pool in case you lose power and can't run the pump.

*Don't forget to remove any loose furniture or projectiles from the pool area.

After a Hurricane

  • Before running the pump, remove anything that should not be in the pool.
  • If you lost power, reset the circuit breakers and pump timer(s) when electricity is restored.
  • Remove the covering from the motor and other equipment to allow airflow. If the pump motor has been submerged it should be professionally cleaned and dried.
  • Bring the pool back to its proper water level.
  • Empty the pump, skimmer baskets and open the appropriate valves to allow water to circulate when the pump is back on.
  • Chlorinate the pool repeatedly until the pool water becomes clean again.
  • Clean or backwash filters as many times as needed.
  • Test chemical levels then resume normal use when the pool is clean and clear.

Sweetwater Pool Service

When a hurricane is headed our way, we realize there are numerous things you, the homeowner, have to take into consideration. But it's critical that you don't forget to properly prepare your pool for the storm. Your swimming pool is a major investment that needs to be maintained.

If you need help preparing your swimming pool for a hurricane, give Sweetwater Pool Service a call and we'd be glad to help give your pool the best possible chance to weather the storm.

(239) 775-POOL (7665)